--What options do I have in designing my outdoor environment?
  --Patios and Decks could be cement, rock, brick, stone, wood and more.
  --Sod, Trees and Plants - we will make the best recommendations for you, based upon the weather here in South Dakota. 
  --Fencing and Retaining Walls - once again you have many options, wood, metal, cement, bricks, blocks, etc.
  --For Children - we can provide swings, slides, sand boxes, and much more.
  --Entertaining - fireplaces, fire pits, grills, furniture and more.
What hours is the work done?
  --We often work six or seven days a week during the warmer months.  If you need us - we will be there for you when you need us. 
     We typically do not start until 8AM (later if you prefer) and work until dark.  And if there are specific days you do not want us on site,
     just let us know.  We listen to our clients, and will do whatever it takes to make you 100% satisfied.  

What services do you recommend?
  --Again, every client, every yard is different.  Spring Cleanup, Fall Cleanup, aeration, fall sprinkler blowout, fertilization, weed control,
     insect control, flower planting, tree and bush trimming and more are available to you.  We want your outdoors to look spectacular, 
     as referrals account for a large percentage of our client base - so your impressions are extremely important to us!
  --Here is a more complete list of our services:
* Mowing
* Spring and Fall cleanup
* Landscaping
* Retaining Walls
* Fences
* Patios
* Decks
* Flower Beds
* Garden Boxes (raised and/or covered available)
* Fertilization
* Outdoor Furniture
* Gazebo
* Outdoor Lighting
* Walkways and sidewalks
* Brick
* Concrete
* Fire Pit
* Fire Place
* Awnings
* Outdoor Cooking, Grills and more!
* Sandboxes
* Pond
* Fountains
* Yard Decor and Statues
* Bird Feeders
* Sod
* Rock
* Mulch
* Sprinkler System
* Sprinkler Repair
* Sprinkler Fall Blowout
* Edging
* Bushes
* Trees
* Annuals
* Perennials
* Weed Control
* Insect Control
* Firewood
* Sand Boxes
* Swing-sets, Slides and More!
* Tree Houses
* Tool Shed
* Garden Shed
* Storage Shed
* Unique Garden Designs

What communities do you support?
  --Sioux Falls, South Dakota and surrounding communities, including Tea, Canton, Hurley, Lennox, Viborg, Brandon, Beresford, Alcester, Baltic, Crooks, Dell Rapids, Flandreau, Garretson, Harrisburg, Hartford, Inwood, Luverne, Madison, Parker,Salem, Worthing, and more!!!

How long have you been in business?
  --The owner, Rick Schuer, has over 30 years in industry experience.  He manages all staff hands on, including hiring and training.  
     Rick is hands on with every project and client, and personally guarantees your total satisfaction.  

Where are you located?  How do I contact you? (please remember - we will come to YOU!)
  --Sioux Falls Lawn & Landscaping, LLC
     47034 S Phillip Street
     Sioux Falls  SD  57108

Are you on Facebook?
  --Yes.  We are also on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more!